I am an Australian who currently resides across the Tasman in Auckland. I’m a student of nutritional medicine, and a middle distance runner. From a young age I learned the importance of diet as an athlete. Experiencing iron deficiency and recurrent electrolyte imbalances, namely potassium and sodium, it became obvious food should be used as more than just fuel.

Like many others, absorption of dairy also became problematic and so I predominately follow a dairy free diet. Mostly though, the focus is just on eating whole foods, minimally processed and locally sourced where possible. But not without the odd treat! 🙂

It is without doubt that much of the diseases that plague the western world are caused by lifestyle factors. Diet, exercise and maintaining appropriate stress levels can have profound effects on the body. While this much is true, there is still much to learn on how any of this truly effects the body. It is hoped by starting the conversation we can all learn and inspire each other, and become healthier in the process.

To health and happiness.

Lisa x


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lisa – I’m thrilled you liked my post on Sour Cream n’ Onion Kale Chips. A big thank you for following my blog, uberdish!

    I love your recipe for Strawberry Orbs. They look so delicious!

    My two girls are young, competitive athletes so I have a keen interest in sports nutrition. My 11 year-old just discovered her love for long distance running this year when she joined the cross country running team at school. I am sure I will learn lots from you and your posts that I can share with her and my other budding Olympian. 😉

    Take care,

    • Hi Angela,

      What a lovely message, thank you! And great work on your blog also!

      Love hearing about your girls. Its great they have someone like yourself who is so interested in good nutrition to raise them. That will be invaluable for their athletics! Best of luck, and keep me posted with how they go 🙂

  2. Hello, lisa
    Thanks for the message you left on my post about organic walnut labaneh.

    Your blog is so pretty and informative and your recipes look just scumptious. I am interested that you studying nutritional medicine. I am not a nutritionist or a chef or anything, but I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthitis earlier this year after being unable to walk and suffering terrible pain. I turned to nutritional healing after getting fed up with all the toxic medicines I was prescribed, and have been reading and learning ever since. I’m sure i can learn a lot more from you! I definately want to try one of your puddings! 🙂

    Take care, Phoebe x

    • Hi Phoebe,
      Thanks for stopping by, and thanks so much for the lovely comments! I can completely understand your standpoint on seeking alternatives to drugs. As I learn more, and my blog grows I will look at doing some more informative pieces on common conditions. So stay tuned. Keep up the amazing work over at your blog too 🙂
      Speak soon, Lis x

  3. This is so true! I used to think I ate a “mostly” healthy diet, but really began educating myself last fall. Scary what the FDA allows into the American food supply…I’d love to learn more about what others are eating. Thank you for your wonderful blog, and thank you for taking a look at mine!

    • You are not alone there Rachel. I think most of the world believes that their diet is mostly healthy. Here’s hoping we can change that a little 🙂

      Keep up sending the good vibes and inspiration for what healthy really looks like.

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